Our Services

Customized Training and Facilitation to Meet Your Needs

In-Person Workshops & Retreats

In-person workshops and retreats are our bread and butter at Rebelle. We love meeting you and your staff on your home-turf and bringing you customized programming. Our workshops range from half-day, to full day, to all-out retreat level. Activities and exercises are curated according to your unique needs and goals and can explore one or more of the topics listed below.  

Virtual Training

Whether your staff is fully-remote and geographically dispersed, hybrid, or some other work-from-home configuration, we have adapted our training to offer online sessions in real-time. Our training remains engaging in the virtual space. No “sit and get” here. We’re still interactive and high-energy with you and your staff, giving that Zoom room a run for its money. 

Keynote Speaking and Facilitation

Whether you’re in need of a keynote speaker, an emcee, or a meeting facilitator for your next event, Rebelle has you covered. Let us walk your attendees through the magic of applied improv as your keynote or watch us put our theatrical skills to work emceeing and facilitating to keep your attendees engaged in your content and happy to stick around .   

Workshops are crafted to explore applied improvisation in one or more of the following areas:

Effective Communication

Team Building


Executive Leadership




Customer Service


Creative Ideation

Public Speaking