Marketing and communications can get a little messy.
We’re here to help.

Curious Rebels with a Cause

Having worked both as in-house marketers and communicators in other agencies, we have seen too many firms readily charge clients for work they don’t need simply because it sounds like it checks the box of marketing and communications. At Rebelle, we go against that grain. We want to know everything about your story, and we’ll ask! Our clients are our partners, and their success is our own. Because of that, sometimes a client may approach us with a project in mind, and we’ll recommend a different approach, maybe even one that costs far less, simply because it’s the strategy that your business needs require.


Context Matters. And We’ll Never Lead You Astray

Every organization is different, and their marketing strategies should reflect their own unique needs. For example, many organizations work with firms like ours because they simply know they  want to “be on social media.” Too many firms will gladly create a Facebook page or an Instagram without question. Not Rebelle. After connecting with us, you may decide Instagram is “cool” but depending on your business objectives and your target audiences, you may need to focus your efforts on a platform like Twitter or LinkedIn. When you partner with us, we’ll make sure your communications strategy is sound, and based firmly on your needs, rather than the trendy media du jour. But don’t worry, we’re still cool.