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Cultivate Collaboration. Harness Creativity. Unlock Potential.

Your people are your greatest asset, so why not give them the gift of meaningful training and professional development? At Rebelle Creative Strategies, we use the principles of Applied Improvisation and work with you and your team to build a more collaborative, creative, and communicative environment where innovation flows and your bottom line grows. Forget long lectures and “homework.” We engage in interactive, experiential sessions that get you and your staff on their feet.

Work with us to:  

Enhance Team Dynamics

Develop A Collaborative Work Culture

Transform Staff Communication

Increase Confidence and Public Speaking Skills

Encourage an Agile Learning Environment

Interactive Training, Custom-Fit for Your Team

Whether you’re looking for a half-day workshop, a full-day session, a dedicated retreat, or a training series, we will tailor a program with exercises and activities that get at the heart of what you need. On schedule, and on budget.

Effective Communication

Every successful idea exchange requires effective communication. Our techniques will help you and your team become more engaging speakers and active listeners.

Collaborative Team Dynamics

A talented workforce brings many strong and varied personalities. We work with your team to encourage every voice while teaching them to sing in harmony.

Unlocking Creativity

Sometimes the daily grind can push you into a rut of epic proportions. At Rebelle, we help you shake off the funk and tap back into what makes your team innovative. 

1:1 Training

If you like your training a little more personal, Rebelle will work with you to create an individualized professional development plan.

Our Approach

We apply the principles of improvisation to the corporate space to bring out everyone’s best. We believe in the power of creativity, teamwork, and taking risks in an environment where innovation is encouraged, and the fear of failure is a far-off concept. 

Improv’s main principle is known as the philosophy of “Yes, And.” This simple, but powerful principle sets the foundation for improvisers and employees alike to work together to successfully build toward a common goal, and to enjoy the process while they get there.

At Rebelle Creative Strategies, we start with “Yes, And” and explore applying the principles of improvisation to your team and your work in order to reap the many benefits the practice of improv can offer.  Our training programs and workshops are experiential, interactive, and effective. We believe professional development should be engaging, and that work should be enjoyable and rewarding for individual employees and companies alike, and every Rebelle session reflects that.   

What is Applied Improv?

 Although improvisation is traditionally a live performance art, the principles employed for its successful execution can be applied across disciplines in order to cultivate creativity, increase collaboration, and  establish effective communication.

Companies, researchers, and teams across the world are applying the principles of improv to their own work to grow their businesses and developing a nurturing organizational culture.

Rebelle's Founder and Lead Trainer

Sarah Ammar is the lead trainer and founder at Rebelle Creative Strategies. She has been a strategic communications professional for over 13 years. Sarah’s career began in Washington D.C. where she worked in legislative and media affairs for the Congressional Budget Office. She has also served as the strategic communications director in the economic development space and has worked with several start-ups across industries. She continues to work with organizations of all sizes. 

Sarah has performed live improvisation on stage for the last 6 years. She began performing improv in Washington, DC while working on Capitol Hill, and has trained groups of up to 800 in the art of applying improvisation to business. Sarah has performed live in New York, DC, and Chicago to sold-out audiences.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism from Wright State University, a Master’s degree in public policy from the American University, and has studied film and improvisation at the world-famous Second City in Chicago, Illinois in both the Harold Ramis Film School, and it’s flagship Conservatory Program. 

Make Your Trainings Count.
Embrace the Power of Play.


Ditch Death By PowerPoint.


Too often, training is rote, boring. and doesn’t stick. How can you be sure your employees will retain the lessons in a training session if they are counting the ceiling tiles while the speaker runs through 100 slides and talks *at* them? Rebelle kicks traditional training to the curb and embraces an engaging, interactive approach that gets your employees on their feet and working together, while they discover new concepts and techniques to bring back to the office. 


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